Is your senior leadership team realising its full potential?

When boards, CEOs, and leadership teams thrive, entire organisations succeed with them. But the effectiveness of your leadership team may be endangered by such issues as personal differences, lack of strategic alignment, or failures of structure and governance.

Improving the performance and impact of the board.

Our research indicates that there are three key elements that influence board effectiveness:

  • Composition — does the board have the right mix of members?
  • Focus — do the members of the board have a shared focus on the organisation’s strategy and capabilities?
  • Team dynamics — could board members be working together more effectively?

Once we have assessed all of the above elements, our approach is to identify areas where Akkar can add value and help your organisation thrive.  We are able to offer solutions in a range of areas, including board make-up, leadership alignment, C-Suite headhunting, and succession planning.