Support to make your projects flourish

We are living in the age of transformation in the mobility space. Digital Technology is key; digital companies with digital business models succeed and disrupt traditional models.

Our way of working involves deeply understanding the problem spaces of our clients in a way that enables us to create innovative solutions. Every client is different. Each has individual needs, pain points, requirements. So we use and integrate proven strategies, methods and tools in new and customised ways. The result: unique individual solutions for any step of the journey – from strategy to sustainable implementation.

As the automotive and wider mobility industries undergo some of the most dramatic changes in their history, there will be profound impacts on the existing organisations which dominate those markets. The growth of the concept of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will drive change at every level of these businesses, and only those that are able to adapt rapidly and effectively will endure. Both incumbent and new entrants to these industries need to be equipped to address the challenges posed by this new era.

Akkar can align your organisation with the critical changes required for your business to thrive, whether through a business plan review or an investigation of organisational design and effectiveness. We help our clients design and implement digital transformation strategies and aid with the restructuring and reorganisation often required to adapt to these new realities.

Akkar provides our clients with a holistic view of structures within an organisation, using our expertise to transform and optimise the business structure based on experience from the executive level to the working level.

New challenges require new approaches – Akkar can work with your company to get prepared.