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Access talent that the competition cannot

E2 Visa Solution

The fastest growing companies in the USA use Akkar to hire STEM talent from the UK, onsite in the US or remotely from the UK.

Our solution makes attracting and onboarding specialist workers from the UK effortless. We handle the process from start to finish allowing you to focus on what makes your business great.

How it Works


Identify Talent

You either have the right person in mind or we can mobilise our search team to find the talent needed. Having this solution in place opens up the UK as a place to 'hire' from.

Visa Process Initiated

Our team will begin visa processing with the identified UK national. A dedicated Visa Specialist is assigned to each case.

Relocation & Onboarding Support

Our specialists will support the candidate with relocation, localisation and onboarding in the US to ensure they are fully compliant in country.

Automotive. Aerospace. Robotics. Engineering. Software Services.

Companies in these areas all use Akkar to get critical talent to the USA.

There is a wealth of expertise in the UK. This pool of talent are willing to relocate for either a short-term project or permanently. We can help you unlock this talent pool and support in getting critical projects staffed comprehensively.

If the talent is not available in the US market, utilising our solution to expand your search will give you a competitive edge for critical vacancies.

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