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From podium to the pits, we take your performance to the next level

Akkar are your track-side and factory-side specialists, ensuring peak performance is delivered where it counts the most – on race day.

We provide engineers that are highly specialised and motivated by success. They are from various fields of motorsport and are all fully vetted candidates that can make a genuine difference.

Our engineers are available as talented individuals or as a consolidated group, able to deliver at peak performance due to our intimate understanding of how winning motorsports teams are operated.

We can provide workers for full time positions working directly for your organisation, or supply specialists on a short, medium, long or flexible term. We will do whatever it takes to deliver peak performance!”

Our Expertise

Some of the niche specialisms we excel at in the Motorsports sector

Race Engineering

Performance Engineering

Tyre Performance Engineering

Controls Engineering

Systems & High-Voltage Engineering

Simulator Development

Aerodynamics & Thermal Engineering

Simulation Engineering

Software Engineering

Design Engineering

Data Engineering

Electronics Engineering


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