why akkar


you are different.

Akkar understands that every business and every person strives for progression. Businesses are searching for growth in their markets; individuals want to do well in their personal and professional lives.

It’s this appreciation of difference and your specific needs that we bring to everything we do and every relationship we build.  Whether you’re a client, candidate or a new member of our team, we always begin by asking ourselves how we can genuinely help you achieve your goals before we get to work.



we are different.

Akkar is re-instating integrity into the heart of Human Capital Search. This is not just a simple strap-line or mission statement. This is at the core of everything we do. We are creating an honest, genuine and consultative recruitment platform and this means that we support every part of the process.

We have specialists working as subject matter experts in the automotive market that we can build lasting and relevant recruitment relationships based around your specific needs and our technical understanding.




Every consultant that works for Akkar is trained to have impact. i.m.p.a.c.t. stands for Inquisitive, Meticulous, Professional, Accountable, Consultative and Targeted.

It is at the heart of who we are. However, we are not just trying to stand out from the crowd for the sake of it. What we are building at Akkar comes from a much more primal human instinct. Helping fellow humans by making sure they are in the right place, at the right time.

This instinct drives our passion and invigorates us, making our solutions genuine and our service second to none.


Our vision is to create a consultative, honest and genuine recruitment platform where candidates careers are enhanced and clients searches strengthened.


To serve both client and candidate with honesty, dedication, legitimate guidance and a value added solution.


Market leading ethical standards coupled with unbiased, evidence motivated judgement and proactive professionalism.