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Talent at Your Fingertips

Contract talent: Bring in skilled professionals in a flash

Quickly get the best match for your talent needs by selecting from our two customizable and flexible solutions: our contract talent network or our full-time engagement professionals.

Expand your business’s capabilities whenever and wherever you need them by tapping into this vast and talented pool of skilled professionals.

Contract talent network

Expand your business’s capabilities whenever and wherever you need them by tapping into this vast and talented pool of skilled professionals. This solution allows you to:
  • Bring in professionals with the option to convert them to permanent hires
  • Hire candidates from all experience levels, including early-career
  • Access a large variety of job titles and skills from across the globe
Local Contractors
International Contractors

Full-time engagement professionals

As permanent employees of Akkar, full-time engagement professionals have experience working with small and midsize businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, and leading software and systems. They apply their knowledge and experience to produce results for you quickly. This solution allows you to:
  • Access a pool of contract talent that’s not available in the hiring market
  • Benefit from continuity of talent when staffing open roles and critical or recurring projects
  • Reduce the risk of costly disruptions or missteps caused by turnover
Local Professionals
International Workers

Get talent tailored to your needs

Contractors at Speed

Put Our Vast Network to Use

Leverage our network of millions of top performers who are ready to take your company to another level. By leveraging our network, we bring you a diverse and exceptional group of contractors to choose from.

Reach the Right Audience

Finding top contractors requires reaching the right audience. We tailor our approach to each role so that your job opening gets in front of the right talent.

Attract The Top Expertise

Our team has mastered the art of sourcing and attracting experts for short, medium and long terms projects. Our headhunting strategies go way beyond job postings, capturing the attention of professionals with the right attitude and cultural fit for your company.

Full-time Engagement Professionals

Access a larger pool of proven workers

We hire professionals with a preference for full-time employment but client-based work, which gives you access to top talent that you won’t find anywhere else.

Benefit from continuity of talent

Gain peace of mind knowing these full-time employees of Akkar are available to cover employee absences, recurring projects and seasonal initiatives, giving you project continuity and skilled talent familiar with your business.

Minimize downtime and costs

What learning curve? Bring on industry-proven talent that knows how to hit the ground running and reduce your risk of costly turnover.

Quick Fill Time

Deep Networking

We go beyond traditional headhunting. Where other recruiters give up, we get to work, going further than AI enabled sourcing technology to find the ‘unfindable’ candidates that sit outside of the internet.

Finding You the Best Contractors

When it comes to finding top talent, time is of the essence. Our sourcing process enables us to identify and connect with the most qualified candidates quickly. Through a combination of our experienced team and our extensive network, we locate candidates who possess the skills and experience you’re seeking.

Ready, Set, Contractor

We have the unique ability to get you the right contractors to your project at short notice. Get talent mobilized at pace without needing to spend time on compliance or worrying about sacrificing quality.

Request a Consultation

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