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Trust Akkar to look after your key hires outside the US

We provide your business with a launchpad outside the US, where gambling on how your key hires are treated is not an option.

Strategic Expansion outside the United States

Your team is OUR team

We get your business. Growing a technical department, a business development function or a field service team. We understand that your key hires need more than a portal and are more than a number in a global payroll system.

Your new hires are guided by our team during the visa process, so they feel more confident and secure. We manage compiling required documents, filling out applications, and ensuring applications meet visa qualification requirements.

Automotive. Aerospace. Robotics. Engineering. Software. Commercial. Country Management.

We look after high-value, key talent in the S.T.E.M space on your behalf outside the United States. We understand what they value and we have built a human centric- solution that is so much more than a software platform.

Either move your local US talent globally with our support or let us find your next key hires in growth areas and we will mobilise them on your behalf. It’s that simple!

Hire in key markets without an entity

We support businesses in North America to 'land and expand' in the UK, Europe and Asia quickly at scale. We have the unique ability to source, supply and manage key hires on your behalf. We understand local markets, cost-of-living differentials and how to make your international workers feel valued. Letting you concentrate on what makes your company great.

Need a 'boots-on-ground' technical sales team? A trackside race engineer? or a project based functional safety team? Our solution also allows you to move US workers abroad or hire locally within a fully compliant framework.

We can also source and supply local US talent onsite in the United States in all 50 states.


Countries Supported


Hires Made

Let us sponsor your global team.

As an expert Employer of Record, we sponsor employment visas, so you can hire teams globally without worrying about the requirements for each country you need to grow in.

Say goodbye to the headache of immigration laws.

Global immigration laws are difficult to navigate at the best of times — let alone when hiring in the UK, Europe or Asia. Our experts simplify everything, painting a clear picture of the visas available and the timelines involved.

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industry leaders start-ups established businesses


by Design

We have built a human-centric approach to caring for your most important humans outside the US. Each case requires a unique process, not a 'one-size-fits-all' platform.


Each employee (and their family) are unique.

Uprooting a worker and relocating their life globally is exciting but challenging. Having a partner who can support them every step of the way and guide them through this thorough process is key.

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