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Find the Right Talent at the Right Time

Your Trusted Partner for Direct Hires

At Akkar, we vertically integrate into our key markets and have recruiters that specialise in core disciplines within the mobility sector.

We treat candidates with kindness and respect. In doing so, we attract not just the best candidates but the kind that will benefit your company at every level.

Our global staffing and recruiting firm has the expertise and resources to meet your staffing needs and be your Employer of Record.

Direct Hire Staffing Made Easy

Talent Network

Put Our Vast Network to Use

We can often find hidden gems and top performers who are ready to take your company to another level. By leveraging our network, we bring you a diverse and exceptional group of candidates to choose from.

Reach the Right Audience

Finding top talent requires reaching the right audience. We tailor our approach to each role so that your job opening gets noticed by the right talent.

Attract The Top Talent

Our staffing placement agency has mastered the art of sourcing and attracting talent. Our recruitment strategies go beyond job postings, capturing the attention of professionals with the right attitude and cultural fit for your company.

Purposeful Communication

Negotiation Expertise

We’re here to help you! From structured intake calls to closing a candidate, we’ll work hand in hand with you to make sure everyone is on the same page. We know communication is key, so we work hard to make every interaction with us delightful!

You Can Trust Us to Bridge The Gap

We act as a bridge between your team and potential candidates, making sure there is clear and efficient communication every step of the way. When we act as a bridge, we clear up confusion and make teamwork smooth and simple.

We Make Sure Everyone is in Sync

Success is all about being on the same page. At Akkar, we’re dedicated to bringing everyone together. We talk it out, aligning expectations and aspirations.

Quick Fill Time

Deep Networking

We go beyond traditional headhunting. Where other recruiters give up, we get to work, going further than AI enabled sourcing technology to find the ‘unfindable’ candidates that sit outside of the internet.

Finding You the Best Candidates

When it comes to finding top talent, time is of the essence. Our sourcing process enables us to identify and connect with the most qualified candidates quickly. Through a combination of our experienced team and our extensive network, we locate candidates who possess the skills and experience you’re seeking.

Speed, Quality, and Candidates

We have a talented group of recruiters who collaborate to make the recruiting process fun and efficient. Each team member brings their unique skills and insights to the table, resulting in a thorough assessment of all our candidates.

Our team is here when you need us

Some of our successes include:

  • Supporting a California based manufacturing startup hire engineering talent, fast
  • Headhunting mechanical design engineers for a top-tier motorsports team
  • Helping an off-highway mobility organisation hire critical talent
  • Recruiting a supply chain team for a fast-growing battery manufacturer
Local Talent Search
Global Talent Search

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